My little stock trader.

This one is my latest and favourite little program out of my hobby programming. And is about stock trading specific to INDIAN market and the stock broker is ICICI Direct in this case. Technical requirements - Windows OS, Internet Explorer 6 (and above), AutoIt and SQLite.

What is it after all ? - this is a little program that I wrote to do stock trading. When I wrote this program the requirements were I wanted someone to watch the market (specific stocks about 10 tickers) and buy/sell based on price movement. Eg. if Infosys technologies stock is up by 7% want to sell out my holding in Infosys OR assume that I want to hold more stocks of Bharti Airtel but only if it goes below by 7%. Currently you can specify the target prices in +/- percentage only.

This simple thing can be done by placing limit orders isn't ? - NO, not atleast in ICICI Direct. You cannot place limt orders beyound +/- 5%, even during the market hrs. If you are with other stock brokers may be you have a choice.

This program uses Autoit - my obvious choice for hobby programming (atleast for now) and SQLite - combination of these is too great. Earlier I never thought I could write such good/powerfull program using these two piece of softwares, but indeed it worked out well - thanks to AutoIt and it support for SQLite, plus their incredibly simple documentation with good working samples.

This program is also a great sample application for learning AutoIt and SQLite :)

For the simplicity I have split this article into 3 sections as follows,

PART I - Database
PART II - Market Watching
PART - III - Order Placement

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Posted by Technology Yogi, Saturday, May 30, 2009 May 30, 2009


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